Giles Perring & The Exchange

In 2021 Giles created an extension of his Exchange project by launching a band to perform his music.

The band takes on his frequently sparse, but strikingly melodic musical sketches, which take inspiration from minimalism, traditional acoustic musics, and musique concrete, in an approach which nods to the approach of, but only very infrequently sounds like jazz and improvised music.

Giles vision for The Exchange affirms the idea that a band is a social melting pot which takes compositions and projects the identities of the musicians through its collective interpretation of the music.

Enjoy this video of the band at Dunoon Burgh Hall in 2021. DBH supported Giles to bring a band together to play with his compositions, and he was able to assemble a dream line up

If you’re a promotor, Giles is very interested in taking the show to small rural venues and you can find more details about the project on Tourbook – it’s booking for 2022-23

Esther Swift – harp and voice

Julia Farrington – flute, bass guitar and voice

Catriona Price – violin and voice

Sarah Homer – clarinets and woodwind, voice

Guy Evans – percussion

Giles Perring – guitars, percussion, voice, piano, electronics and field recordings

Kirsty Law – voice by telephone